Here are the people who make up our family.

The team promoting grassroots activism
Our goal is to bring climate activists and youth-led climate groups together to create an institutional mechanism for a unified and collaborative movement that delivers a high positive impact for the collective.

Let’s get together!

We’re available for a meeting if you’d like to get together and have a chat about the youth climate movement in Ghana.

8AM - 5PM

If the suggested times are not convenient, send us an email and we will arrange a meeting.

Meet our Team

Richard Matey


A young researcher, environmentalist, and sustainable development professional with about 8 years of experience in environment, renewable energy, fossil fuel finance, and climate change initiatives in Ghana.

Efua N. Appiah

Research & Policy

A climate advocate and an environmental sustainability professional championing effective youth inclusion in climate policy.

Ernest W. Ofori

Education & Capacity Building

A climate and environmental sustainability advocate with expertise in climate education, justice, gender & climate, and climate mobility

Viccoma Danquah

Outreach & Communications

A climate advocate and communicator, With an extensive background in journalism and public relations, she strives to drive awareness and inspire action through effective communication strategies.

Our team is dedicated to promoting grassroots activism in Ghana through a democratic effort and building the resilience of young activists to enhance engagement on climate policies.

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