Advocacy Seed Funding Initiative (ASFI)

The Youth Climate Council (YCC) Ghana acknowledges the leadership of the youth movement in proactively implementing initiatives and programs that concretely supports national action towards climate change. It is therefore imperative that such initiatives be identified and supported by the YCC.

In relation to the above context, the YCC Ghana with support from UNICEF Ghana and Generation Unlimited is launched the Advocacy Seed Funding Initiative (ASFI) to provide micro-grants and technical support to strengthen new and existing advocacy initiatives led by young people who have proven experience on climate change and are leading advocacy campaigns in their local communities. 

Beneficiaries of the ASFI went through dedicated training on climate risk, participatory project design and entrepreneurship. The ASFI is targeted to youth organizations, young women-led organizations, youth-led climate organizations and youth climate activists within the YCC network of organizations.


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